Other apps and plug-ins

MIEM Editor

MIEM Editor now has its dedicated page.

MIEM Bridge – OSC to MIDI

This app creates a virtual MIDI device on your macOS computer. It receives OSC from MIEM Play, and converts the OSC messages into MIDI CC messages.

To get MIEM Bridge – OSC to MIDI (macOS only), please go to the downloads page.

MIEM Matrix Router: 64 inputs/outputs, fully OSC controllable, low-CPU audio plug-in (VST/AU)

MIEM Matrix Router is a VST and Audio Unit plug-in for routing audio from any input channel to any output channel while applying a defined gain. The whole routing operation is then represented as a matrix (see examples below).

The matrix routing feature is already provided within many modern DAWs. The additional feature, and main interest of MIEM Matrix Router is that it is fully OSC-controllable, and it is constantly listening to /mat [int] [int] [float] OSC messages. The first int is the input number, the second int is the output number, and the float is the gain.

Moreover, this plug-in is optimised for robust, stable and low-CPU matrix routing. It is also optimised for low-bandwith consumption (optimised OSC messages) when used specifically with MIEM Spat. It remains however usable with any OSC controller.

MIEM Matrix Router screenshot (within Reaper). Input 3 is being routed to output 3 with a 0 dB gain (no gain applied).
This diagonal 0dB matrix route all inputs to the corresponding outputs. It has the exact same effect as a plug-in bypass.
This matrix is just a bit more complicated: input 3 is routed to output 1 with a -33.8 dB gain; input 6 is routed to output 2 with a -2.82 dB gain; input 1 is routed to output 3 with a -23.3 dB gain; input 5 is routed to output 4 with a +6 dB gain.

To get the last version of MIEM Matrix Router VST/AU plug-ins, please go to the downloads page.

If you do not need 64 channels, smaller versions of the plug-ins (8-by-8 and 32-by-32 matrices) are provided for ultra-low CPU consumption.

For more information, or to participate in the research project as an artist, tester or developer, please contact us.