MIEM Editor

MIEM Editor is the desktop application for creating MIEM sessions. It can create and configure sessions for a MIEM Play or a MIEM Spat setup.

It also allows you to try and play your sessions. However, to get the best functionalities and performance, we highly recommend you to get the dedicated MIEM Play or MIEM Spat app.

Screenshot of the MIEM Editor application for macOS and Windows

To get MIEM Editor for Windows or macOS, please go to the downloads page.

Useful tips and tricks

Because this interface is still in the research phase, it lacks basic features such as the “Undo” (Ctrl Z) feature. Also, please keep in mind that MIEM Editor might crash from time to time because it has not been tested and debugged as much as the the Play and Spat apps.

So, do not forget to make frequent backups of your MIEM Editor sessions!

After working on your sessions, to play for concerts or any live situation, please use the Play or Spat app, which have been extensively tested. They are very stable and reliable on iOS, Windows and macOS.

Keyboard shortcuts

From any tab

Ctrl+T⌘TSwitch main Tab (geometric shapes / control data)
Ctrl+Y⌘YConfiguration tab
Ctrl+Shift+S⌘SSave session
Ctrl+Shift+S⇧⌘SSave session As
Ctrl+Shift+O⌘OOpen session

From the Geometric Scenes tab

Switch Edit mode (Edit and play exciters, or Edit geometric shapes)
Ctrl+F⌘FBypass all constraints on exciters (Free exciters movement)
Ctrl+Shift+N⇧⌘NAdd new scene
Ctrl+Shift+Delete⇧⌘ DeleteDelete selected scene
Ctrl+Shift+ ←⇧⌘←Move selected scene to the left
Ctrl+Shift+ →⇧⌘→Move selected scene to the right
Ctrl+N⌘NAdd New area (or add New exciter)
Ctrl+Delete⌘ DeleteDelete selected area (or Delete selected exciter)
Ctrl+C⌘CCopy shape
Ctrl+V⌘VPaste shape (in current selected scene)
Ctrl+ ↑
⌘↑Bring the selected area 1 layer Forward
Ctrl+ ↓⌘↓Send the selected area 1 layer Backward
Ctrl+Shift+ ↑⌘⇧↑Bring the selected area to the Front layer
Ctrl+Shift+ ↓⌘⇧↓Send the selected area to the Back layer
Ctrl+I⌘IInsert (add) point to the selected polygon
Ctrl+Shift+I⌘⇧IDelete a point from the selected polygon

From the Control States (Matrix) tab

Ctrl+E⌘ESend state to OSC target device
Ctrl+Shift+E⇧⌘ESend zero-state to OSC target device
Ctrl+N⌘NAdd New state in list
Ctrl+Delete⌘ DeleteDelete state from list
Ctrl+ ↑⌘↑Select Previous state
Ctrl+ ↓⌘↓Select Next state
Ctrl+Shift+ ↑
⇧⌘↑Move state Up (in list)
Ctrl+Shift+ ↓⇧⌘↓Move state Down (in list)